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At our core, we are dedicated to helping you lead a life full of vitality and self-assurance.

Our team combines expertise, care, and a range of valuable tools to support you on your journey to transformation. We believe in a comprehensive approach, tailoring our strategies to your individual needs. Our services include cutting-edge fat-loss laser treatments, custom supplements, exercise plans, lifestyle guidance, and the principles of functional medicine. We are here to empower you, providing the best coaching, education, support, and resources to help you achieve your goals. Let us help you unlock your full potential for a healthy and balanced life.

Dr. Harvey Abrams, DC, LAc

Dr. Abrams has been practicing in Arizona for over 30 years serving his clientele in person. He loves helping people get better! His passion for natural healthcare came after he experienced a great deal of difficulty breathing as a child and young adult having Asthma growing up in Huntington Beach, California.

It became his goal to reverse his condition and to have improved function and therefore greater joy and happiness in his life. Once he found some tools to improve his life in college he wanted to share that with others. He obtained his chiropractic degree through Palmer Chiropractic College, and while in practice he knew he needed to learn more to offer all he desired to help his patients. He took a three year Chiropractic Internist program where he developed skills to better understand blood tests, ECG’s, etc. and patterns of illness that he learned would help his patients. He learned how to use more natural products to help health conditions instead of suppressing symptoms like he’d done as a child. This is when he was first introduced to many of the ideas that encapsulate Functional Medicine. He went on to obtain his Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine so he could bring the best of Eastern and Western Medicine Practices to his skillset. He has done many lectures and classes for companies like Metagenics and has been on radio shows to share his knowledge. He has studied Genetics at Stanford University and Apeiron. Using genetic testing, lab testing, stool and hormone analysis it is easy for him to see patterns of dysfunction to which he applies natural therapies.

In Arizona, he began using the Zerona Laser to help his clients with their weight loss goals and found great success. When he decided to open something in his hometown to help people with their health needs he knew the Zerona would be a great asset. At the Huntington Beach clinic he has paired the Zerona body sculpting laser with the new science of the STYKU to document progress with a 3D scanner. To optimize care at the center he hopes to help individuals with virtual appointments where they can experience his skills as a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine. This will help them find the root cause of their ailments and reverse symptoms to improve their lives and bring clients greater health and happiness. His extensive training and experience offers unique perspectives and the ability to help with many health conditions. He brings the knowledge of a seasoned professional, a husband, a dog lover, and father to his work. His hobbies include exercise, working in the yard, time at the beach, and always more study of how to help the human body. He is passionate about helping people with heart trouble, asthma, gut health and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and has seen great success in his clientele. He hopes to help you soon as well!


Stephanie was raised in a home where health and nutrition were important from an early age. Her mother was a nurse practitioner, and her grandfather worked at Hippocrates, which had her exposed to both sides of medicine like wheat grass juice, vegans & supplements and working in her mother's clinic with medical conditions & medication.

She began her professional career in High School working as a Pharmacy Technician, and in College she found she had a deeper interest in Psychology. She worked in Mental Health settings where she was on a suicide hotline that would go out in person for crisis events, homeless outreach, CMI, and in-patient hospitals primarily with kids and teens, including those in the jail system. She had a brief career in Banking and Human Resources. However, she continued to be drawn to psychology and obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Human Development focusing in Energy Healing Work.

She is a certified Reiki Master and Rapid Eye Technologist. As a young single mother she found she was struggling with health primarily due to exhaustion and worked with specialists like Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Dr. Judy Hinjosa and Dr. Kelly McCann as Functional Medicine Specialists that helped her get out of a wheelchair and figure out her root problems of Mold Toxicity and Lyme's Disease. She has struggled with other autoimmune conditions and thyroid dysfunction, but has learned to utilize natural tools to help give her greater function and live a more productive life. She has enjoyed using both medical and natural healing methods for herself and her family. For over 15 years she worked as a Wellness Center Office Manager filling positions in both back & front office as well as behind the scenes. Her passion to help others led her to become a Certified Functional Medicine Coach with the FMCA. She is a mother of 3 beautiful adult girls and enjoyed being a foster mom, as well as volunteering in schools and church throughout the years.

Her hobbies include singing, writing, travel and painting and recently has found pleasure in home and office remodeling. She is happy to help people with weight loss goals using the Zerona. At the same time, her passion is in helping people find out where their health struggles are and how to overcome them using positive psychology and making lifestyle changes, so they will have greater function and have the ability to gain greater activity and joy in their lives. She can work with you in person at Huntington Beach or virtually while she travels the world.


Kathryn joins our team as our specialist in skin care and the added benefits of the red light laser beyond body sculpting. Kathryn has worked in the healthcare industry for years in natural medicine assisting with selling supplements and vitamins, and also working with animal health in a veterinarian clinic.

She has had a passion for beauty and health since she was young. As someone who was motivated to excel in her career choices she started cosmetology school while a junior in high school. She is currently working in a hair salon and assisting in our office with the Zerona Fat Loss Body Sculpting Laser as she seeks to help others obtain their health and beauty goals. Kathryn has maintained a healthy lifestyle that included gymnastics, cheer competitions, dance and activities in the outdoors such as hiking and surfing. Her years of experience with nutrition and beauty sales are a great asset to our Healthy Body Transformation Team.